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34th Festival for Dance, Theatre and Performance June 19 – 23 2024 Erlangen, Germany


 Dance, Theatre and Performance

 19th-23rd June 2024

 Erlangen, Germany

 Deadline: 31st December 2023

 Questions via Mail

We are looking for you!

ARENA... of the young arts is a festival for dance, theatre and performance and was

established in 1991 in Erlangen, Germany. The festival considers itself to be a platform for

interdisciplinary, contemporary and experimental productions. A special focus lies on projects

that take place in public spaces or less conventional theatre spaces. In 2024 the 34th ARENA

festival is themed limited edition and is going to take place from June 19th-23rd. Artists from all

over the world are invited to deal with the theme individually and creatively.

This year we are once again looking forward to receiving diverse applications from the fields of

theatre, dance and performance. These can be submitted via the application form on our

website until the 31st of December 2023.

As the festival is organised by students of the University Erlangen-Nuremberg voluntarily, we

can only cover the artists’ travel expenses, accommodation and catering but no further


We would like to ask you to publish this information as well as the enclosed call for applications

in order to give young artists the opportunity to apply to us. If you are interested or have any

questions, please feel free to contact us at any time.

Motto Text 2023

We are exhausted. The world is tugging at our resources. Boundaries that we have drawn are

being torn down. At the same time, the limits of what’s possible are constantly being stretched.

Higher, further, faster.

That in mind, we have to recognise that we are not endless. Bodies age, strength dwindles,

capacities are exhausted, the bottom of the well draws nearer.

We take a deep breath. We want to renegotiate. We want to shape spaces, initiate thoughts and

mould discourses. We want to rest and experiment, to withdraw and reposition ourselves. We

don't want to be dogmatic, but always speak out loudly in favour of humanity. We want to build,

rebuild, maintain, reform, rethink, change and show that the WE is still powerful, even in a world

sewn to the edge.

What constitutes our future and what does its community look like? How sustainable is this life,

how sustainable can we be as a collective? How can we draw strength and resilience from

being together while sometimes separated?

We push back against imposed boundaries and redraw them. We give the gloomy, dawning

thoughts of tomorrow a hopeful, sparkling space. Because we are certain:

There is possibility in limitation, potential in rarity, uniqueness in imperfection.

ARENA - der jungen Künste e.V. Turnstraße 7 Erlangen Germany

© 2023 ARENA - der jungen Künste e.V.




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