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11th Debrecen University Drama Festival

CALL for Students’ Theatre Performances in English. 11th Debrecen University Drama Festival invites university student groups’ English-language theatre productions to be presented in Debrecen between 16 and 18 May 2019.

A truly special event, this festival revives the highly successful Annual Festival of Drama in English, launched in 1999 and run till 2010 by the Institute of English and American Studies, University of Debrecen (called Lajos Kossuth University till 2000). Building on the long-established tradition of that festival the present organizers ̶ the University Theatre of Debrecen in conjunction with the Municipal Authorities of Debrecen – welcome student groups both from Hungary and abroad to show their talent on stage and celebrate the 20th anniversary of the foundation of the English-language drama festival at our university.

Debrecen, Hungary, May 16-18, 2019

We request performances in English with a running time of 30-90 minutes.


  • Theatre spaces excellent for a wide range of productions

  • Accommodation and meals (lunch and dinner) for the duration of the festival

  • Workshops run by theatre practitioners

  • Panel discussions led by theatre experts:

Dr. Donald E. Morse, University of Debrecen Dr. Eric Weitz, Trinity College, Dublin, University of Dublin Dr. Péter Szaffkó, University of Debrecen Dr. Lenke Németh, University of Debrecen

  • A professionally and personally inspiring and enriching festival

  • A thrilling and unforgettable experience for all the participants

DEADLINE for application: FEBRUARY 28, 2019

For further information contact:

The organizing committee: Lenke Németh, University of Debrecen Viktória Tóth, American Corner, Debrecen Zsigmond Lakó, University of Debrecen Krisztina Kállai, University of Debrecen

PLEASE APPLY by filling in the form below. Application Form




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